Pet Diagnostics

Pet diagnostics are vital for maintaining health, preventing disease, and treating pets that are sick or injured. These tools also assist with surgeries and dental procedures by helping us confirm that your pet is healthy before we administer anesthesia. Whatever care your pet needs, the advanced tools we have on hand at Animal Hospital of Wilkes play a pivotal role in keeping them well and extending their life.

Pet Diagnostics in Wilkesboro: Dog Running

How We Use Our In-House Laboratory

Lab testing is an essential way for us to gather more in-depth information about your pet’s health. This applies to healthy pets, who should be screened regularly for parasites and diseases, and sick or injured pets, who need a treatment plan.

The types of testing we do most often include:

Heartworm testing

Tick-borne disease testing

Fecal testing

(for intestinal parasites and other conditions)

Blood chemistry and complete blood count

(for measuring red and white blood cell count)

In addition to running tests in house, we also work with external labs for more specialized testing. We typically use our own lab when we have patients with urgent health concerns.


Digital Radiography

Our hospital is equipped with a digital X-ray machine, which is far more efficient and reliable than traditional film X-ray. It also uses significantly less radiation, takes sharper images, and requires less time for your pet on the X-ray table.