Hot Weather Tips

Summer is a good time to schedule a pet wellness exam. Your pet needs special care during the warmest season because of the threats posed by mosquitos, heat exposure, swimming, and fireworks. Now that hot weather is upon us here are a few tips to see that your furry friends are comfortable and safe:

1.Always keep fresh, clean water.

2.Avoid asphalt. Take morning and evening walks.

3.If swimming ,make sure that you rinse your pet off. Licking the chemicals can be harmful if not rinsed.

4.Make sure to take swim breaks, pets get tired, too.

5.Do not leave your pet in the car, it doesn't take long for a parked car to reach 90 degrees even with the windows cracked.

6.Provide plenty of shade.

7.Shave off the thick coat, to help your pet stay cooler.

8.Flat faced pets cannot pant and cool themselves like others, make sure they have a cool place to stay.

9.Know the signs of overheating, panting heavily, increased heart rate, weakness, collapsing, deep red or purple tongue, and vomiting. Please bring them in immediately if you notice these symptoms.

10.Reserve you picnic foods for you and your guests. Many BBQ favorties can be harmful to your pet.